Randolph C. Henning, Architect


Randolph C. Henning, Architect - PhilosophyI specialize in the general practice of architecture and offer a personal, responsive, flexible and cost-effective professional service. I recognize that the client builds out of a specific need. Achieving my client's goals renders my efforts successful and, quite frankly, I am committed to success in architecture.

It sounds simple but the beginning to any architectural project is to start with looking and listening, followed with seeing and hearing. This is all too often overlooked and, more than that, misunderstood. Just like the stability of any structure depends upon its foundation, the success of any architectural effort needs to be based upon a solid foundation. I approach each design challenge basically in a consistent manner founded upon a singular design philosophy - appropriate architecture comprises of utility and beauty that need creative expression in each effort, both together working to improve the quality of life and the environment. The client's program and the project's context are integral elements of that appropriate and creative expression.

I facilitate the client's dreams and visions into an appropriate and creative architectural reality.

Your project requires an architect that best suits your own specific needs; one that will work closely and personally with you from the initial design through the bricks and mortar fruition of your vision. With the opportunities and successes achieved - from modest additions to complex remodeling to significant new facilities - I have found through these experiences that the relationship between a client and architect is definitely professional. But to be most successful ity must alsoi be personal. It depends on more than written qualifications and demonstrated expertise - it requires positive and enthusiastic chemistry between people.